Using Music as inspiration for a quilt



This workshop in using music as inspiration for a quilt is a non-sewing workshop. Quilters can run out of ideas when they have made their chosen first quilts. Music is a way to tickle the creative juices to initiate the next masterpiece.

Danél draws inspiration from years of study in classical music as well as experience as opera singer. In this course, she gives practical solutions in how to translate music and sounds to visual images.  All music genres from AC/DC to Bach are covered. In this workshop, she teaches you how to use elements, lyrics and tones in the music. This is the inception of your creation, using music as inspiration for a quilt.

The quilt featured on this page was inspired by the song “La Foule” (“The Crowd”) sung by famed French singer Édith Piaf, released in 1957. The song was composed by Ángel Cabral with lyrics written by Michel Rivgauche. The quilt was made for the SAICC challenge: Free to express. Danél was drawn by the subject that chose her freedom to express with a bright white light on her simply clad figure to focus the audience’s full attention on her music.

In the last hour of the class, each student will listen to their own favourite piece of music and design a quilt accordingly.

Danél presents this workshop form her home and business at 40 on Ilkey B&B She will also travel for a group please contact her.   This workshop applies to more than quilting and can stimulate interest in any creative atmosphere.



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