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Ship Ahoy! – Block 2

Piecing by hand

Piecing by hand seems a strange project in this mad computer driven machine age.  Why would any person decide to piece by hand? Why start a project where you don’t need a machine? Is it possible to quilt entirely by hand?

This second block in the “Through the eyes of Cy” quilt introduces hand piecing as a technique. The block builds on the patterns of block one, reinforcing piecing HST.


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Basic quilting skills quilt along – block 1

Fishes in the deep blue sea


Due to the Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing rules, it is very difficult to schedule classes for quilting. Although these quilting sessions will not be nearly as nice as the real thing, they may bring you closer to your quilting self by quilting along.

The series will take you through 15 different quilting styles and blocks, how to approach them and what to look out for. The design was based on the drawings and descriptions given by my (then) four year old grandson Cylus. Bold, colourful and not entirely according to scale. Cy’s quilt will liven up any happy space, but if you prefer, there is a bonus project included in every lesson for an alternative project to make, using the patterns and techniques of the day.

The patterns are instantly downloadable and include instructions and physical patterns where you need them.

I trust you will enjoy every moment. I am available on WhatsApp support right through the process.

We start the quilt under the deep, blue sea. The act of sewing two pieces of fabric together is called piecing in quilting terms. This pattern teaches you to accurately piece by machine. It looks at possible mishaps, how they happen and how to prevent them.

Happy quilting!

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