Quilt in Clarens 2023

8th Clarens Quilt Festival 28 June 2023 – 1 July 2023

I’ll be teaching at the Clarens Quilt Festival this year. I am teaching three brand new classes.

Stems and Vines Thursday 29 June 2023

This class focusses on the cutting of binding on the straight grain and on the bias, the preparation of the strips and how to appliqué by hand and machine. As a bonus, I’ll show you how to weave the strips to make a shape, in this case the heart in the center of the project.

Curves on a straight line – Friday 30 June 2023

Using paper foundation piecing, this pattern produces bold statement in swirls and diamonds to brighten up any space.

Misty Landscapes – Saturday 1 July 2023

This class is about the application of net applique to produce a soft misty edge to the picture.

More information about the Festival and how to reserve a space at http://www.quiltinclarens.co.za/

See you there!!