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Use the Quarter Inch  Corner Marker to accurately mark a quarter inch from the corner. This quilting tool is small in size and easy to carry around. As a result you can use it to measure while hand piecing small patches and tricky intersections. It works equally well on bigger quilts and pieces where a high level of accuracy is of importance. I use it in blocks like the Eight pointed star , Le Moyne Star and Tumbling blocks. It is indispensable in patchwork that requires inset- or Y seams.

How to use the Quarter inch corner marker:

Accurately mark a quarter inch
Accurately mark a quarter inch

The carefully calibrated corners measure accurately. Therefore you can mark inner 30 and 45 deg corners and outer 90, 120 and 135 degree corners as a result. This marker is also indispensable to make perfect mitered borders.

A 0.5 mm clutch pencil, graphite or chalk, perfectly fits into the marking holes. As  a result, the mark is precise and therefore gives you the perfect stitching line. No more eyeballing the seam allowance.  

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  • Cut the patches you want to join precisely.
  • Line up the sides of the patch exactly with the appropriate corner on the QICM
  • Check both sides
  • Make a mark on the fabric by inserting the pencil tip through the corner hole.
  • Keep the pencil perpendicular to the surface that you mark.
  • Line up the two patches by inserting a pin through both corners.
  • You will find no stretches or buckles.
  • Enjoy your perfect seams

Amanda Hartman commented:

Thank you for the QICM. It saved so much time on the Le Moyne Star and it is accurate every time. I finished my project in record time. I’ll definitely recommend this in the classes I teach.

Buy it here or contact me to bring one to the next Jacaranda Quilters’ Guild meeting.

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