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Stash Busting?

I have inherited a lot of fabric. From my Mom, from my Sister and some from my friends. I also was in the bad habit to buy fabric that I liked, with no specific project in mind.  All these factors lead to an accumulated fabric stash of unneeded cloth.

At the beginning of 2018, I decided to downscale this stash and have been actively busy with it since. I have found some fabric in this stash of dubious origin and/or dubious fiber. As I have not been able to trash these fabrics, I have been on the look out in which projects I can use them.

This brings me to today’s tutorial of Japanese folded hexagons.  This pattern can be hand stitched or made with a machine. Personally I prefer the hand stitched  version as this is something that I can drag with me wherever I go and have to wait.  The flowers come together surprisingly fast.  But I have to warn you, it is pretty addictive.  This pattern is quilt as you go, so once it is finished, it is indeed finished. No need to quilt.

The pattern is very forgiving to the fabric that is used. I mainly stay with cotton on the bigger fabric that folds over the core, but for core fabrics, anything goes.  Polyester, wool, silk, thicker and thinner all works well.  Even the batting / wadding used on the inside, can be flannel, t-shirt fabric, other knits or pieces of wool, bamboo or polyester batting.

Download the Hexagon Templates HERE

Try this pattern and send me a picture!

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The Quarter Inch Corner Marker

The quarter inch  corner marker is used to accurately mark a quarter inch from the corner. Small in size, this is a handy tool to use when hand piecing small patches or to accurately measure tricky intersections as in the eight pointed star , Le Moyne Star, Tumbling blocks and other patchwork that requires inset- or Y seams.

Corners measured to be marked are 30, 45 inner and outer, 90, 120 and 135 degrees. This marker is also indispensable to make perfect mitered borders.

Buy it here!